Second Time Around

I have found that when editing my final edit ends up far different from my initial edit. Some pictures tend to grow on my and some just the opposite. I recently did two senior portrait shoots and while I thought my first edit was spectacular it turns out that almost 1/3 of the images change between the first and the final edit.  


I am finding this is the way many things in life work because the first time around you are looking for something different than the second time around. When I am editing pictures the first time around I am looking for the best of the best, and while that is important sometimes the best of the best doesn't complete the set and sometime what at first appears to be the best has some serious flaws upon closer inspection. Likewise sometimes the shot that got overlooked for one reason or another ends up being the shot that really has it all you just had to find it. 


So here's to life and the concept that everything deserves a second look and that oftentimes the second time around is when you get it right! 

Seniors 2014

And so begins the season of Senior Portraits! Here are some pics from my first sitting of the season. Two more this week and then on to weddings! Enjoy. 


I spent this past weekend down in Charleston WV attending the World Premiere of Angel's Perch a movie I had the honor of working on last fall.  


The movie was shot primarily in Cass, WV a town that transports you back to the early 1950's. The cast and crew were a passionate bunch and while it rained a little (EVERY DAY!) the shoot went off without a hitch.  


It's been almost 9 months since we wrapped shooting--a relatively short time span in film time--and what I watched on Sunday made everything worth it. The movie is BEAUTIFUL! And I don't just say that because I worked on it, I say that because the movie made me laugh and broke my heart. It did what a good movie should do, it took me in to the world of the character's and I related to them.


As icing on the proverbial cake I got to spend time with the Director, Actor/Screenwriter, producer and one of the lead actresses post screening and the time spent with them meant more to me than even the movie.  


Please check out their website to see if a screening will come to your area and consider donating to the Alzheimer's foundation. You'll find all the links below. This film is a testament to independent filmmaking done right! 

 Facebook  |  Official Site  |  Movie Review  |  IMDB 


A Reprise

I had the opportunity this past weekend to work on a film project up in Cleveland OH. It was extra special because it was my second time working with many of the crew as well as the director Conrad Faraj.

The mix of new and old cast and crew brought to light the idea that slowly but surely I am making inroads into the film world and hopefully the future will consist of working second and thirds sets with more and more of these people I have come to know and respect. 

The film this past weekend was a short called "A Reprise"  and I am hopeful I will be able to release stills in the coming weeks. Until then enjoy the poster--which was also shot by me. 

Official Poster (U.S. Release) 

Operation Photo Rescue

I was attempting lately to figure out a way I can be helpful to the disaster victims of Oklahoma and I finally found a way.

There is a wonderful organization called Operation Photo Rescue that collects damaged photos from disaster areas and finds talented volunteers to restore them. I have been blessed with the ability to do photographic restoration and have done so both through my jobs and through independent contracts for the past 5 years. This will be a perfect way for me to help out those victims of the tornado because it will allow them to get back some important memories.

it will still be some time before the command center is up and running and before I will be doing restorations, but I can look forward to that day and all the photographs I will get an opportunity to restore. Check out their website and facebook page for more information.  

Characters, Characters what's a girl to do...

I'm writing a novel. It is hard. 

Lately I've been making progress in the relationship between my two main characters. From the beginning I have known this would be the essential element of the book and also the most complicated because the relationship is a unique and challenging one, making it both unique and challenging to write.

My current issue is my tendency to oscillate between extremes. I know that for my characters to be believable and relatable they have to seem real and real means messy. Right now I am in the stages where I am trying to show their flaws as well as the flaw in my supporting characters and the two extremes on my swinging pendulum are sympathy for the character and despise of the character. 

The characters are misunderstood and need to read as such. The reader needs to realize they are being misunderstood and sympathize with this fact. At the same time the reader also needs to be free to see them as arrogant and selfish, both of which they are (at times and with reason) The challenge becomes--and in essence the goal of the story is--taking the reader from seeing them as arrogant to sympathizing with the misunderstood.

I can only hope as I write that once my extremes are written I will be able to find the swing between them. Otherwise I fear my book shall be sliced in half as the pendulum drops ever lower.

Ever lower...

Ever lower...

Prom 2013

I hated my prom... plain and simple. However, prom is a staple of the High School experience so while I disliked attending my own prom I had a fantastic time last Saturday photographing some high schoolers as they experienced this High School staple. Thanks to all my awesome models for being handsome, beautiful and a blast to work with.

Time to Dye

Today it was all about fabric dyeing. Making a long drape that looks like flames. The box told me to wear rubber gloves; I didn't. But I shall proudly display my red and orange hands over the next few days. They will be quite the conversation starter. Looking forward to prom this weekend where I will be doing some pictures and even a hairstyle (or two). 

Red first...

Red first...

Then yellow...

Then yellow...

Makes flames!

Makes flames!

Works in progress

Here are links to the teaser trailers for two wonderful films I worked on this past summer. I can hardly wait for their premieres (at various festivals) and finally their releases that I get to attend!

Angel's Perch: A beautifully written and lensed film about a woman with Alzheimer's disease and the decisions her son has to make when she is no longer able to stay in her own home. Unfortunately this film hits home with WAY too many people including myself as my grandfather currently suffers from Alzheimer's. Check out their website for more information about the film and the disease.

The Wind Is Watching: A futuristic story about a second civil war based on who controls the water supply. It follows a young lady who must cross into enemy territory to retrieve her brother who was kidnapped. It is rumored that this film has two large production companies interested in it for possible distribution.