A Fond Farewell!

Last night was the final night of the 2013 LA Shorts Film Festival. Be sure to check out their Official Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter! It was a wonderful week and I would

recommend to everyone to come out and see it in 2014! A big thanks needs to go out to Dominick who put so many hours into putting the screenings together, to Velvet

who spent countless hour uploading photos, tagging photos and making sure the face of the festival was a great one, and to Bob, without whom the festival would not take place.

It was wonderful getting to know each of you this past week!

I want to take this time to send out a HUGE thank you to all the filmmakers who took the time to create the shorts and who were willing to share their projects with the world. 
Art is not easy, making art is hard enough but putting your art out for others to see, critique, and possibly destroy is 10x harder so filmmakers "thank you!"
In the coming week I will be contacting those of you from whom I got a business card. Since I was unable to get cards from all of you talented filmmakers
I would appreciate if you would take a moment to send your info through my comments and questions page. That way I can start building my network and hopefully work with you in the future.
If you are ever shooting a project in LA and are in need of a Stills Photographer please consider me for the position and view some of my onset work on my filmbooks pages.
If you are an actor please consider me for your next set of headshots
Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to capture your special memories.  I would be honored to work with any one of  you and hope to do so soon! 

Sarah Anderson


Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the last few days of the festival: