Two Weeks

Today will mark two weeks since I landed in LA. (Actually since I landed at 8:30 at night it's more like tomorrow...) Since that time I have successfully worked my first film set, booked a promotional shoot for a band about to drop their EP and will be working on a documentary style shoot this weekend. 


Overall I would say LA is treating me quite well, and I in turn am taking any and all opportunities thus far to come my way. The Loss of Innocence (the film set I worked) is a beautiful short film about the harsh realities that come when a child must grow up for the first time. It includes a spectacular cast and the crew (HUGE thanks to Robert Burdsall for bringing me on the project) I had the opportunity to work with made me excited for everything LA has in store.  


I will be working with Statues of Cats in the coming weeks to finalize their EP packaging  and to shoot the promotional photography they will use to make it to the next stage in their career. David, Dan, Johnny & Anthony - so excited to be working with you!


This weekend I will be traveling to Pasadena CA for a documentary shoot about the meditative archery art of Kyudo. I am excited to learn something new both in that I will be shooting some of the video footage, and in that I know nothing about Kyudo. I am eager to learn something new! Thanks to Andrew Bush for bringing me on! 


And so ends my first two weeks in LA.