Second Time Around

I have found that when editing my final edit ends up far different from my initial edit. Some pictures tend to grow on my and some just the opposite. I recently did two senior portrait shoots and while I thought my first edit was spectacular it turns out that almost 1/3 of the images change between the first and the final edit.  


I am finding this is the way many things in life work because the first time around you are looking for something different than the second time around. When I am editing pictures the first time around I am looking for the best of the best, and while that is important sometimes the best of the best doesn't complete the set and sometime what at first appears to be the best has some serious flaws upon closer inspection. Likewise sometimes the shot that got overlooked for one reason or another ends up being the shot that really has it all you just had to find it. 


So here's to life and the concept that everything deserves a second look and that oftentimes the second time around is when you get it right!